Saturday, February 21, 2009

Decorative Tiles - Markets

Visiting markets is a fantastic way to get to know a city. We, here in Cleveland, are fortunate to have a wonderful market dating back to 1840. Steve and I make bi-weekly visits to Cleveland's West Side Market. It's a huge cavernous space filled with the vendor booths selling all types of yummy cheeses, pastries, meat, herbs, veggies, candy, coffee, etc. The interior of the market has great character! The walls are lined with white glazed terra cotta tiles that transition at the upper level to an unglazed terra cotta tile ceiling in a herringbone pattern with several highly detailed rosettes. Beautiful!! The market's central columns have very cool high relief terra cotta tiles with great agricultural images. These tiles impart such an earthy feel to the market and contribute much to its charm and character.

When visiting my friend Patti, in San Francisco, we like to include a stop at the Ferry Building market in the city. The Ferry Building was constructed in 1898 and was recently renovated in 2003. The renovated space is now light, airy, and fresh with wonderful mosaic tile accents. We loved to have lunch at the Slanted Door and peruse the shops taking in all of the great sights, sounds and smells.

And just for fun...some images from Big Sur, CA.

Tor House

Garrapata SP

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