Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Dish Addiction - New Find

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Yellow Greek Key Dip Cup from The Mane Lion
There's something about the Greek Key motif that I am drawn to. 

Look what I just discovered - The Mane Lion Greek Key serveware with a porcelain lion's head.  How fun!!

All the colors in the line are rich and beautiful. The pieces are hand painted in Italy.  These designs just speak to me. 

Problem is...I just can't decide which color is my favorite.  

Chocolate Platter with Lion's Head from The Mane Lion

Red Platter with Lion's Head from The Mane Lion

Blue Greek Key Shell, Chips and Dip

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Great New Postage Stamps - Industrial Design

One of the cool new USPS Stamps
I like sending out letters, cards or even just a quick note.  I like receiving them too!

How cool will these stamps be on anything that I send out??

I found them at the Post Office yesterday.  I bought some, walked to my car, pondered for just a second and then turned around and went back in to buy loads more. 

They're "Forever Stamps" so why not stock up?
Pioneers of American Industrial Design from the USPS

Monday, July 18, 2011

Timberframe Lighting

I saw these wonderful lights from Currey & Company while at Highpoint in the spring and knew exactly who should have them - Lawry - my wonderful Timberframe client.  I think these two fixtures would be perfect for the stair leading to the loft and the loft itself.

Lawry is winding down work on the interior of his Timberframe home.  He has offically moved in and we are working together on those last few items for the interior.

Loft and exterior lighting are a few of open items and I just love these fixtures for his home!  Lawry is concerned that they might be a tad too modern...hum?

I will spend a bit of time look for some alternate is difficult when you think that you have found just the right ones. 
Ernesto Single Light Pendant - Currey & Company
Ernesto 4 Light Pendant - Currey & Company

Stay tuned to see what other options I find and which fixtures Lawry will choose.

More to follow...later this week - laundry room cabinets, custom made mirrors and a custom made vanity sink base.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Paint that dark, heavy, old wood - it's okay!

So many times I have seen dark, outdated wood paneling, beamed ceilings or even floors that cry out for a simple coat of paint.  Think...crisp and fresh.

Be not afraid - paint is the easiest and most economical way to make miraculous changes in a room.  

See the photos below from Coastal Living - what a difference!  The window wall was opened up to take advantage of the great ocean views.  The fireplace was renovated to be bright and in balance with the space and then a wonderful nook was added to the left of the fireplace to take advantage of the view.  Fresh light floors and a cozy seating area finish off this ocean front space nicely. 

Now imagine that they had kept the heavy wood beamed ceiling?? 

Paint is the answer!!  Don't be afraid - paint that old, dark wood and let in the light!

Before Picture - too heavy, too dark, too bulky
After - Light, fresh and perfectly in balance