Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hardware - Jewelry for the Home

Hardware in our homes is a type of jewelry to me. Just as our bracelets or our rings finish off our outfits, so do our door levers, hinges, and cabinet pulls. Beautiful hardware (along with beautiful lighting) is the finishing touch in a home. It helps anchor the spaces and adds depth to the style.

Vincenzo Taormina - Onde Collection, stainless steel with tension setting (picture right)

I have been thinking about door lever styles for a project and thought I would share some of my favorites that I have seen. The pictures run the range of styles but, I think, all have a great design quality about them. You may notice that I am a little bored with the swooping levers - none in the pics.

If you were building new or renovating - which would you select? Personally, I would LOVE to re-do all of my very tired hardware in our 84 year old home.

...then there is always the question of what would be appropriate for my craftsman style home and...which one just makes my heart sing when I see it...not necessarily the same thing.

Your favorite??

Nanz - 2006 Bahaus Style

Nanz - 2082 Modern Lever

PE Guerin Products - Plexiglas Lever

Nanz - 2079 Mid-Century Lever

Urban Archeology Lever

Rocky Mountain - Olympus Lever

Sun Valley Bronze - Square Lever

Nanz - 2018 Edwardian Lever

Nanz - 2180 Bamboo Lever

PE Guerin - Nugget Lever

Rocky Mountain - Acanthus Lever

Rocky Mountain - French Twist

Sun Valley Bronze - Twist Lever

Rocky Mountain - Pool Lever

Sun Valley Bronze - Aspen Lever

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