Friday, May 1, 2009

A Day at the Ohio Design Center

When the subject of moving to another city arises in our home, the first requirement that I list, okay, well, the second requirement that I list (proximity to the ocean ranks number one) is that our new home would need to be close to a Design Center. Design Centers are those wonderful places where designers can shop for all of the beautiful furnishings and finishes, those amazing items that enable us to create the finished masterpieces that make our client's hearts skip a beat when they walk into the room.

We are fortunate here in Cleveland to have the Ohio Design Center available to us for our shopping fix. I love wandering the various showrooms and seeing/shopping for all the latest fabrics, furnishings, finishes, and hardware. Seriously, I can shop - ask my husband!

Typically, Design Centers are "To The Trade Only" which means that only designers can visit these showrooms. Here in Cleveland we recently began a program where the Ohio Design Center is open to the public on Fridays. We now have two "Designer's on Call" every Friday's to assist the public with design questions that they may have or purchasing that they would like to do. To coincide with the Friday "Designer on Call" program, we are also offering seminars on design the first Friday of every month. So far the response from the public has been tremendous. Folks seem to love the seminars given by our local designers and they enjoy perusing the showrooms to see what's new and fun in the world of design.

I was one of today's "Designer's on Call" and had a wonderful time meeting everyone as they signed in for this Friday's installation of the speaker series given by my friend Christine Haught, ASID, entitled "Design Dollars and Sense." My fellow "Designer on Call" was Dawn Cook and as part of the program, we designers offer a half hour complimentary consultation. Dawn gave one new visitor to the Center a consultation and they had a terrific session together. What a great way to get people to feel comfortable talking with a designer - a 1/2 hour consultation in a relaxed atmosphere.
Baker Castel Lounge Chair pictured left

Christine's great talk was followed by a luncheon hosted by John and Kim Hall in the J Hall kitchen showroom. What a feast they prepared - it was sooo yummy!!! They have such gorgeous kitchens on display in their showroom. A real feast for the eyes.

All in all, it was a fun design day and a super opportunity to meet the public and share what we do as designers. I'm looking forward to my turn again next month as a "Designer on Call" and I am planning with my fellow designer, Dawn, November's seminar on great table settings and decorating for the holidays.

Until the next Friday chapter...happy shopping!!

The J Hall Showroom

Our wonderful luncheon at J Hall

What a feast - awesome job Kim!!

We were greeting the public outside Donghia. Don't you just love Donghia!

Baker Knapp & Tubbs is pretty awesome too. I love my salesperson - Greg! He's the best!!
They are having a wonderful sale!! I LOVE a good sale.


  1. Do they sell designer guitars at the design center?

  2. Steve, not that I am aware of at this time. :) I can envision having one of the wonderful, large decorated guitars from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for sale at the Ohio Design Center. That would be a great accessory to have.


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