Thursday, June 11, 2009

Designing Our Lives

I believe that we design our lives just as we design our homes or offices. We decide what to include, what to revamp, where to spend our resources - be it time or money. It is an ongoing process, I think. Today, I am reflecting a bit on my own life design...and I am soaking in life.
I am also thinking about how all of our lives are a type of weaving...our spouse, children, work, hobbies, family, friends, school, community...just like our designs are a weaving of the various elements.
Life has suddenly become very hectic here and in the middle of the whirlwind of activity between WEAVE IDeAS, networking, volunteer work, family, friends, and the wonderful, short Ohio gardening season, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and I find myself putting on the brakes and stepping back. Stepping back so that I do not miss any of my wonderful life.

It is the last day of school here in our district and my son, Alex, is pretty excited and happy. I am feeling the strumming of a few heart strings and I don't want to rush and miss any of this good stuff. Alex is finishing 11th grade and I know that we are closing in on his last year of school and his last year with us.

I have always taken photos of my boys on their first and last day of school each year. (Alex's first day of 11th grade pictured right) I wanted to record their changes over each year and follow their progress. I have really enjoyed this process and I think that they have secretly felt proud and loved that their Mom celebrated their growth and accomplishments. In retrospect, I should have purchased a fun set of house numbers and had Dustin and Alex hold the numbers that corresponded with their current school year. Oh well...perhaps it's an idea for you or someone in your family.

Alex today - last day of 11th grade - HURRAY!!! SUMMER VACATION!!!

This year's change has been HUGE. Facial hair....omg! Long hair...omg! He drives...omg! College searches...SAT...ACT...blink and I might miss this; I might be too busy to soak up our meaningful shared experience. I believe that we will both relish these memories in the future.

I know that I gave Alex his last ride to school this morning. Next year he will have his own car and will be driving himself. Where did the time go?

Out of the blue Alex decided two years ago that he wanted to play football. Prior to this he had not been involved in any sport - surprise! Football has been a wonderful experience for Alex and by extension, for me. Who knew there was such a thing as a "football Mom?" Pasta dinners for the team, post game parties, baking, set up and take down, games, car washes... the great stuff of life. Don't blink...

Yesterday, one of our "football Mom's" lost her long battle with cancer. She devoted the final year of her life to her sons and their love of football. She was there for everything and again I think about how we choose; how we are the ones who design our lives.

So, it's time for me to slow down a bit. Good design takes time and planning. Rush a design and you have a space that is disjointed or simply doesn't work - and you can feel it.

I don't want to rush through life, missing the all good stuff.

On days like today I am reminded that I need to slow down, be fully present, and enjoy my work, family and my surroundings because these wonderful things are at the heart and soul of my life design. Without's just a white box.

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