Monday, November 9, 2009

Holiday Tablesetting

The Holidays are fast approaching and my thoughts are turning to decorating and entertaining.
I recently had the opportunity to create a Holiday Table Setting for an event at the Ohio Design Centre. The event was lovely and the bird snow globes (picture right) were a HUGE hit.
Everyone loved the birds!

As I began my planning for the table, I went shopping. I perused all my favorite places looking for the starting point - my inspiration. I found it in the very cool snow globes that I discovered at...of all places...Pier 1. The beautiful color of the birds referenced the silk on the chairs and the color of fall. starting point.

My next decision was whether or not to use my newly acquired set of antique dishes. I had them so it would be nice to use them...but at times I felt that they were a bit limiting. As I shopped I never found a set of dishes that I thought would be a better fit for the elegant table. Gold chargers with richly colored napkins would dress up the place setting and pull it together.
So, it worked out. Wonderful to use what I have - not that I couldn't buy a new set of dishes for every holiday. I have a small dish addiction.

Table for Holiday Table scape at the Baker Knapp & Tubbs showroom at our Cleveland showroom.
The table and chair style is a tad traditional. I decided to reference the traditional style but infuse the scheme with a few modern touches.

I thought a series of table runners would be the best approach for the beautiful wood table that I was using. Place mats felt just too dated and one long runner would not provide enough protection for the table surface...table runners are the answer.
But after many hours of searching for just the right material (I am sooo picky) for something ready made (NOTHING OUT THERE!!) and with the deadline fast approaching, I stumbled upon a beautiful trio of scarves while shopping.
Perfect! I simply modified the scarves with a few quick seams (see my sewing machine pictured above) and I had my table runners. With more time I would have selected fabric from the Design Centre and had custom runners made by a local workroom. Time and money...always a factor.

I think these runners are perfect...beautiful, quick, and readily available.

Pictured above - Holiday Table Scape at the Baker Showroom.

Very pretty and festive!

Large pear and amber glass candlesticks by Baker.

Place Setting

Gold charger with dinner plate, napkin, and decorative beaded leaf.

I found a set of dishes this summer at a local antique shop and fell in love with them. Not to make an impulse buy, I decided to think about the dishes a while before making a final decision. My thoughts returned to the dishes week after week. One Saturday morning I accompanied my hubby on a visit to the antique store to pick up a vintage drafting table and...they were still available - it was a sign - I had to buy them.

The set is Viceroy by Homer Laughlin circa 1941 and it has service for 12 with lots of the accessory pieces. There are a few chips here and there, and over time I may search for replacement pieces, or not. I think that the pattern is somewhat neutral and can be dressed up or down depending upon the occasion. The set is perfect for us as we do not do a great deal of formal entertaining.

Post shopping note: dressing the plates up - not so difficult - dressing them down - very difficult.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these bird snow globes!!!

Floral arrangement to add color and sparkle.

What a wonderful warm glow!!

I can't wait to use these ideas for my own Holiday Table.

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