Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A bit of Tuscany in Mayfield Village, OH

Sometimes I can get carried away - really carried away. I admit it.

Just this week it happened to me again. I went shopping with my wonderful Mother (shopping with Mom should probably not be allowed) and at the end of the day I had purchased 28, count them, 28 Arborvitae for my yard.

I was standing in my local Costco looking at the fantastic deal on these oh so sweet 5' Arborvitae and decided that I just had to have some - so I rented a truck and picked up my first batch of 8. I brought them home and just placed them around the yard. I stood back and imagined that I was in Tuscany. I LOVED IT!!

My house looked so sweet with these baby romantic looking shrubs, so I decided to make another trip to the store for more. I got another 8 and brought them home. Same thing happened again, I found just the right spot for the next 8 - down the driveway between us and our neighbors. PERFECT!!

Well, I had the truck... and well.. I had been planning a wood panel system to screen our yard from the seven new neighbors that we now have since the development went in next door - wouldn't a living green "hedge" be more environmentally friendly and more lovely than a wood fence system - so I went back for 10 more.

No kidding, I brought home 28 total Arborvitae. Hubby was stunned when he arrived home from work.

Our yard is looking just a tad like the valley of giants. I like it.

It feels just a bit like we're living in Tuscany.

Now if I could just get the weather to cooperate.

Oh, to dream....

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