Monday, July 2, 2012

What's a Style Maker???

Style.  What is style?  A means of expression?  An idea? Is it natural?  Is it crafted? 

I recently returned from a Style Maker Summit and I am reflecting on all of these style questions as I strip layer upon layer of alligatored paint off of my old Craftsman style Bungalow.  Stripping paint provides me with plenty of time for reflecting.

To me, style is developed over time, whether it be a personal style or a design style.  Style is the compliation of our experiences blended together with our own inner voice.  It's an essence or a feeling that shows in our manner, our physical objects, or our ideas. 

What is your style?  What makes your heart skip a beat and makes your soul humm?

I brought a few of my current favorites to the Style Maker Summit to share with the group.  Here are my current favs.





A HUGE thank you to CAMBRIA for the opportunity to participate in the Style Maker Summit.  Cambria is clearly a company with a philosophy that celebrates style in all the many ways style can be expressed.  Bravo!

Complied pictures from the web.  Thank you.

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