Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Feeling of Color

I love color!! It evokes such feelings! The high energy of red, the relaxation of blue green (think Caribbean - I do!!), the grounded earthiness of brown, and the calm of white; all reactions to color. Color takes me to different times and places in my life. The beautiful lavender shade of the wisteria at Sunset gardens in CA that I visited with my friend, Patti, the green of the moss on a tree on Martha's Vineyard last summer with my niece Claire, the red earth of the south, are just a few of the multitude of colors that have left their indelible imprint on me. Color makes my heart sing.

This brings me to a fun new offering from Pittsburg Paints called the Hacienda Style. It is a wonderful grouping of vibrant colors that evoke the southwest feel. These are perfectly paired with an excellent book on the Hacienda Style by Karen Witynski-Carr and Joe P Carr.

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