Thursday, February 26, 2009

Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns have a magical feel, I think. Floating in the air or on water, giving off their soft diffused light, creating a mysterious and enchanting mood. Paper lanterns are a wonderful accessory. Available in countless sizes, shapes, and colors, with our without illumination, lanterns can be a beautiful accent to many a room or event.

Last fall we had a birthday celebration in our back yard and I selected orange, green, and yellow paper lanterns for the party decorations. The lanterns were suspended at various heights from the trees and I utilized the larger battery operated lanterns on posts to illuminate the path to our bonfire in the "way back." It was BEAUTIFUL and very FUN!!

Hope you are inspired and enjoy the magic...

Hand made lantern from wall covering - DIY project

Feast for the eyes.

Happy Colors!

Simple, inexpensive, and charming.

What great color and pattern!

Wouldn't these be lovely floating in your outdoor space?

Solar Powered Lanterns

Blue Lanterns - Scott Andrew

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