Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ecotini 2009

Here in Cleveland the local chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers is preparing for the upcoming interior design trade show, Sourcery '09. This is our 25th year of hosting Sourcery and our theme for this year is "Good Design for a Green Tomorrow."

We typically have a specialty martini for the show and this year is no exception. We are working on various recipes for an "Ecotini." My ASID cohort, Shannon, sent several martini recipe options out for every one's review. My husband, Steve, has volunteered to be the mixologist/guinea pig for our drink experiment. Go Steve.
We decide to whip a batch up today and went with option #3. Whoaw. It needed a little tweak. After the addition of lime juice and some more vodka - it was pretty yummy. The Ecotini is born!

Come see us at Landerhaven on April 2nd and join us for a great day of sustainable design, new products, and an Ecotini. I am working on a wonderful jazz trio and a Skky Vodka bar. See you there!!

Recipes - we picked Melon Liquor and Vodka

The master mixologist at work

Some vigorous shaking...

Great Color!!



with some quick modifications - lime juice and more .... vodka!

Perfect - LOVE THE COLOR!!!

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