Monday, March 23, 2009

Good Design - Architecture

What is good design?

It is a question that echoes around in my mind often. I look at something; I LOVE it, I HATE it, it’s…okay. I make those quality judgments based on my accumulated experiences and some “magical” sense or eye that I think I posses. Ever changing.

When I first started doing design work, I though myself a minimalist and purist – no tassels or fringe shall ever cross my desk. Today I have grown to appreciate all the wonderful tools we have to create with, even tassels and fringe (I admit it – I LIKE them).

So what is good design? Is it evidenced by that little feeling that takes your breath away? I agree with a statement in this video from 100% Design, good design “awakens something in you…an awareness....”

I have included some photo of work done by one of my current favorite architects, Hutker Architecture Inc. I see their designs as works of art with great integrity; meant to be handed down generation to generation, in perfect harmony with the environment, and a beautiful reflection of the collaboration between owner and architect. Hope you enjoy their work as much as I do.

Harlock Pond

Harlock Pond


Sugar Mill

Sugar Mill

Sugar Mill

Fixed Point

Green Harbor

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