Sunday, June 21, 2009



The day has finally come for our bath remodel. Hurrahhhh!!!!

The skylight is great. We enjoy seeing the drama in the sky.

Oak cabinets (my least favorite) and very boring. Let's see what some paint and trim can do.

Very funky little shelf above the sink. It's outta here.... New countertop, sink , faucet and Kohler toilet.

When I purchased this house several years ago as a single Mom, I despised the second floor bath just outside my bedroom. I disliked it so much that I refused to use it for several months after we moved in. It just hurt my eyes - it was soooo ugly. Eventually I relented and stopped making the trek downstairs to the first floor bath. I have used the second floor bath all of these years but never stopped flinching when I walked in the room. Bad feng shui.

The time has come for a quick remodel. I just can't stand it anymore. We are trying to keep the cost down so it's just the basics for now. We, like many folks, are mulling over whether we will stay in this house long term and how much to invest.

My least favorite device color - it always looks old and dirty. Give me crisp, clean white anyday.

Every inch of drywall, ceilings included, in the tiny bath was covered with this UGLY wall covering. I really enjoyed ripping it down! Ahhh, now that feels good.

Next comes the floor. Rip up that horrible sheet vinyl with the red dots. Whew! I'm feeling better already.

12"x12" Autumn Slate

We have some 12"x12" slate that I have been holding onto for...11 years. Time to use it. We do not have quite enough but were able to find some that is very close and can blend the new with the old. It's all very rustic and natural so it will work out just fine. Our dilemma is which accent tile to use in our tiny bath.
Steve, the husband, architect, and installer on our project is voting for the simple 2"x2" tumbled slate that we found - easy to install and the same thickness as the 12"x12" field tiles.
Sandy, the designer and assistant tile installer is voting for the wonderful tiny glass mosaics from Thomas Brick that are more difficult to install due to their slim thickness. We would have to build up the bed in the accent areas and clean out whatever seeps into the group joints - extra time, extra step, and a little more expensive material. We'll see what happens as the project progresses.

2"x2" possible accent tile - tumbled slate

Glass mosaic tiles as a possible accent band in the floor. I like this option as the tile has a white piece which will help tie the floor into our existing white shower wall tile.

Stay tuned to see what we wind up using. I will post our progress as we work some magic on our little bath. What a champ Steve is to use his precious vacation working around the house.

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