Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Day 4 - Sandy's Bath Remodel

Time is flying by this week on our bath remodel. Where does the time go??

We are racing against the clock. Only two more days before Steve has to go back to his real day job. It's clear that we will be finishing up lots of things weekends and evenings. Our priority was to have the floor and the toilet installed this week while Alex is gone and we have access to his bath - the balance we can complete over time.

On day two we removed the old vinyl flooring, prep'd the surface for the new slate and laid out the tiles in the room. I wanted to be sure that we blended the colors to be sure that we didn't have too many purples or too many reds all in one area. I numbered the tiles and stacked them by rows for an easy install. This method worked beautifully for us. Steve asked for a tile and I was able to quickly pull the correct tile for that row. Easy!

We had two possible candidates for accent tiles. I was pulling for the tiny glass mosaics and Steve wanted the larger tumbled slate (easy to work with for an amateur installer.) As you can see in the photo below, Steve won.

We have some funky angles in the tiny bath - no problem for Steve! He did a wonderful job working with the angles and the radiator. It looks great!! As I write this Steve is grouting away. We chose Custom #185 New Taupe with a little purple tint. Our batch of slate has some vibrant golds, purples and reds. We are loving it.

The slate takes us in a rustic (and dark) direction, so now I think we need just the right paint colors to brighten up the space.

On day three we finished the tile installation and sealed the tile in preparation for grouting. We also made a supply run to pick up our fixtures. We went to our Welker McKee showroom for our toilet, counter top/sink, and faucet. I love looking at plumbing fixtures. Some fixtures are works of art and I feel like a kid in a candy store when I am there.

We have a super low budget for our project so we selected, with the help of our local rep., Veronica (pictured above,) some very nice Kohler pieces. Welker McKee has a beautiful Kohler section. I'll take one of everything!

Kohler has the best commercials!! I think this Italian Grandmother commercial is for the tub shown below.

Sko Tub

In my next house perhaps ...
the Crucible

A funky Kohler shower seat

and matching shelves

I LOVE this sink - Kohler Artist Edition Boucle 14" under Counter Lav in tweed with Kohler Purist Single Control Faucet in Brushed Nickel

It's gorgeous.

Very interesting kitchen sink. The finish is wonderful in person. I think Veronica has this sink at home and LOVES IT!!

Kohler Carrizo Cast Iron Kitchen Sink in basalt with Kohler Forte single control kitchen faucet with pull out spray in vibrant stainless.
This sink is huge! It has a certain appeal to me - just a beautiful, large sink.

Kohler Tidings Apron Front Sink in Earthen White with Kohler Antique Kitchen Faucet and side spray in brushed bronze
I'm thinking French or Italian villa for this one. Sometimes I find something and my mind can take the one item and build a whole room around that one thing. Wait...I think there is a Kohler commercial for that too.

Kohler Memoirs Stately Home 30" Ped in white with Kohler IV Georges Brass Widespread Lav Faucet in brushed nickel. Also shown - Memoirs Stately Design one piece toilet in white
And for the traditional - beautiful from Kohler. When thinking about a pedestal - go big if possible. All the extra surface around the sink really comes in handy.

Well, shopping was fun but now we are ready with supplies and are back to work. Today is grouting, base, can we work in a quick game of golf??? It's so hard to stay focused when the weather is beautiful....
Stay tuned to see our fixture selections and the ever important paint colors! Oh yes...please let us know you thoughts - we would love to hear from you.

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