Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Diana's New Home - Update

Sometimes clients really know how to put the pressure on. Just tell the designer that they are having a party in two weeks, "Can we be ready??" EEKKK!!!

After the initial wave of panic passes, I'm kicking it into high gear and I am on a mission. Party ready in two weeks.

What is on our "to do list?"

Window Treatments
Area Rug
Coffee Table

And of course, as with any project, if you have gobs of money you can do most anything quickly, however if you have a budget to stick to (most of us do), it is a little more challenging. I'm on it!!! Let's see how we do...the clock is ticking.

We purchased a FLOR Conservatory Rug Kit and a few extra tiles and had our carpet installer customize the area rug to follow the angled wall in Diana's Dining Room.

The Dining Room showing the area rug following the angled wall. Our installer, Steve, (not hubby Steve) did a terrific job cutting the tiles to make the angle and attaching the little stickies at the corners of all the tiles.

Note how we followed the angle of the wall.

What a beautiful area rug at a great price, and so functional too! If Martini (Diana's beautiful kitty) damages one of the tiles, just pop it out and replace it with one of the tiles from Diana's attic stock.

We are using the Savoy Mirror from Restoration Hardware for the Dining Room. In stock and ready to ship - perfect. It's a nice size at 40"x60" and will look wonderful in her Dining Room reflecting the light and opening up the space.

Kolkka Dining Table Base

I am in love with this table base from Kolkka furniture. It just arrived at Design Resources in the Ohio Design Center. SOLD! It is stunning in person. Now to find a 54" top that will fit our budget. Glass will show off the beauty of the base and make the room feel larger, however stone would not show fingerprints. Let's see what I can find.

Our new Milling Road stools have arrived and fit nicely under the breakfast bar.

Restoration Hardware Marisol Mirror

Love this mirror too!! I recently read a post from one of my favorite blogs, Cote De Texas, where Joni Webb talks about what what some folks are saying is "in" and what's "out" - sunburst mirrors are out. Psst. I agree with Joni - I think not! Use what you love and enjoy!

Restoration Hardware Whitney Coffee Table

This table from Restoration Hardware is perfect for the space. Diana can easily move the table if she would like to use the Living Room for another purpose - say workout space in front of the TV. Easy - and it was in stock and on sale. :)
I met our window treatment person, Tom, on site yesterday. We measured for roller shades which will give us a clean look, privacy, and a nice base for any future top treatments. And the best part - WE CAN HAVE THEM INSTALLED FOR THE PARTY!!!
Now I have my fingers crossed that the mirrors and the table arrive on time, the window treatments arrive, and that I can find our last few items (art and a floor lamp) and stay within our budget.
Just another day in the life of an interior designer. It's the best!!
Stay tuned....

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