Monday, July 6, 2009


Our master bath renovation had come to a screeching halt when Steve's mini-vacation ended and it was back to work for both of us. Two weeks have flown by and I am itching to get back to work and finish our little renovation.

Part of the delay was my fault. I just could not seem to settle on paint colors for our cabinets and walls.

As with many things in life, the decision isn't a simple one. The rustic, dark feel of the slate (we used it because we had it) had me longing for something to brighten up the room - so I turned to paint to accomplish this task.

As Steve will attest to, I spent many hours sitting in the room flipping through paint colors with no success. I just could not find any color or combination that made my heart sing. Purple is prevalent in the slate, but I know that I don't want a purple bath, or any shade there of. I have a red dining room and living room and that's enough red in one house. Gold can be beautiful but I have done that too. Sage green looked nice, I felt bored with it, but it was nice...nope...just not doing it for me. (Plus - I try to avoid green in baths - makes my skin color look dreadful.)

What's a designer to do??? Color block!!! OH NO!!! It can happen to the best of us.

And why is that - I had to ask. I think that I was stalled and unable to make a selection because somewhere inside I knew I had not found the "right" answer yet. In my mind the masculine slate was running head on into the clean, bright, beachy feeling that I really wanted in my master bath. Nothing felt right because I was trying to force a solution that went against what I really want. I sensed it wasn't right and I couldn't make a choice.

And then...quite by accident...I saw a magazine photo of a kitchen that made the light bulb go off for me. Would you like to see the inspiration photo??

I had to stop fighting the slate, accept the "look" and work around it. This style pictured above is a clean, fresh look, could be beachy, and will accommodate an accent color (think shower curtain or towels.)

I am really drawn to the natural beams. Won't work in my tiny bath but I can find a way to incorporate that natural wood some other way. My current plan is to use a piece of a beam and mount several sconces on the beam to create a bath light above the mirror. I mostly dislike the typical bath scones and would like to find something different. Why not make my own and I will use some exterior sconces to do it. That is...with some help from my partner in crime, Mr. Electrician.

So the lesson for me is - when I can't find a solution (read color, chair, stone, drape, etc) I am thinking too narrowly and in one way. Step back, relax, and approach it from another avenue. The answer will come. :)

Back to work with new excitement. Can't wait to finish the job, see the finished results, and enjoy our new bath!!

I think that I previously mentioned how much I dislike oak. Drawers sanded and awaiting paint, pictured above.

Doors all lined up and ready to be painted. I removed all the knobs and hinges and have been scouting for new hardware.

First coat on the cabinet doors, drying on the porch. Ahhh.
Stay tuned....

PS - Thanks to Lawry for providing the magazine photo. He gave it to me for his own home, but I love it too!

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