Friday, July 3, 2009


I love gardening. I am an earth sign and it really shows. I dig in the dirt to relax and let my mind wander and create. From May to October I have dirt under my fingernails and hear the wild weed every time I walk past our garden.

Weeding - it's an endless and thankless task to be sure.

So...I thought it was time for a garden update. Things are progressing as well as can be expected, it is raining and cool.

Pictured left are what is left from my mass planting of zinnias. Note the stubs everywhere...some thing has been eating all of my baby flowers. Grrrr....chipmunks or rabbits - what's your guess? I need a force field - do they make such a thing for the garden?

I moved my herb garden recently in anticipation of a new deck being added outside our kitchen door. Seems like everyone has survived the transplant. Happy basil picture below.

Our cabbage patch...can't you just picture a bunny here.

Tomatoes growing away and almost ready to be trained to our experimental trellis system.

Long view of some of the garden

The three sisters planting system in action. Note the runner beans growing up the corn. So far, so good.

Happy potato plants.

Yellow squash in the three sisters system.

Finally, cucumbers are growing!!! Yeah!!!
Cucumber beetles have won the last three years and we have had none. I am excited!!


New grapes

Hydrangeas - love them!
Hope that you have enjoyed the update. Let me know what you think. I'll keep you posted with new pics and recipes. Happy gardening!!

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  1. hi sandy,

    your garden is flourishing!! our california garden is late and way behind yours but we were getting our tomatoes attached to our new trellis today (using your and steve's trellis idea).

    can't wait to see your new bathroom! love the tiles.



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