Friday, August 14, 2009


I LOVE a good sale!! And what could be better...a super sale at Baker Furniture!

Last Friday Baker Knapp & Tubbs had a wonderful floor sample sale and I thought I would stop by to peek at their bargains. Whoa! I might have gotten a little carried away. It's probably a good thing that I do not attend many auctions - I can get carried away.

I have to say it was fun. I lost a few pieces by not acting quickly enough - ahhh, indecision. Looks like my losses are going to a good home - to live happily ever after. That's the beauty of Baker pieces, they are well constructed and will service their owners for many years to come.

I did manage to select 12 - count them 12 - pieces for our home. And they are mostly chairs!! I have a chair problem and belong in some sort of 12 step chair recovery program - Chair Addicts Anonymous. I love a good chair!

I thought I would share my super bargains with you. I still have not disclosed to my hubby how much we spent - perhaps I will after I have met him at the door with drink in hand and I have whipped up his favorite meal (to be enjoyed on our new dining chairs!!)

Baker Barrington Chair - currently residing in our Master Bedroom sitting area. It's in the most gorgeous wool! It is sooo comfortable with the high curved back. I think this little number will be mine.

Baker Harrison Chair - also residing in the Master Bedroom sitting area and also super comfy.

Baker Campaign Table - perfect for my nightstand

Baker Greek Lounge Chair - don't you just love this one?? And it's incredibly comfortable.

Baker Greek Lounge Chair - view from the back.

Baker Huntington Host Chair, skirted - 2 for the Dining Room. Very comfortable!

Baker Louis Dining Side Chair, ivory finish - 2 for the Dining Room. Very fun back.

Baker Vienna Side Chair, Walnut Finish - 2 for the Dining Room. I like mixing up finishes and styles - I think the variety that I have selected for the Dining Room will provide some whimsy and interest. I have created a minor problem - now we are in the market for a new dining table. My friend and fellow designer, Lisa, suggested skirting our existing (cheapie) dining table - great idea - it could work until the perfect table appears.

And last but not least - Baker (McGuire) Arm Chair - to be used as my desk chair in the office.

As I contemplated what I would purchase, I took a big picture view of our furniture requirements and needs. The Baker sale was the perfect way to acquire high quality furniture pieces with great style, at a wonderful price, that we can use now and for many, many years to come, in this home or wherever we may roam.

I think that there are a few sale days left. Better hurry.... Really, I did not buy everything, I promise. It just looks like I did!!
PS- In case you were counting - I also purchased a cute little side table for Steve. That brings my count to 12 pieces total. See...I was thinking of him too!

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