Thursday, July 30, 2009

Timberframe Journal - Wall Finishes and More

Site visits to Lawry's timber frame project are wonderful. It is such a treat to be out in the country and to see the progress that is being made between my trips.

Over the last month or so Lawry has had the radiant heat system installed in the floor, had the electrical run, and has worked with the audio video person to install the necessary runs/zones for his television and stereo system.

Lawry's horses, pictured right.

Lawry has also been hard at work outside on the property sorting sandstone and creating a beautiful set of ponds with a waterfall adjacent to his home and bunkhouse. He has done the backbreaking work of sorting and stacking all the stones to create a series of cascading ponds. Can't wait to show you - it's truly beautiful.

Remnants of sandstone from the pond/waterfall construction

Currently, the runs are being made by geopro for the geothermal heat system.

One of several horizontal runs for the geothermal system - very cool!!

We are meeting today on site with a veneer plasterer to discuss using plaster for the wall finish in all of the main areas of the home. Pictured above is one of several samples that we were considering; nice soft finish with lights and darks. We can select from a huge, standard palette that is available or custom color for a nominal fee. We both like this finish or effect. Perhaps we will look at something in the green tones - but I think we want a touch more sage and a bit more dark areas in the finished product. We will have Bill create samples for verification.

Another plaster style using a different mix and pigments. This is a rougher texture with lots of pits. Very nice effect but not quite what we are looking for.

Another possible plaster style. This texture sample is too flat, not enough depth for us.

Bill Pischieri from Veneer Plasters

Ralph Lauren - Suede

I am a big fan of the Ralph Lauren specialty finishes such as the Suede, River Rock, Linen, and Denim. I have used them many times with great success. To be perfectly honest, painters seem to dislike working with the finishes. Lots of push back when I start talking about using Ralph - but the effect is soooo sumptuous.

The Ralph Lauren Suede color palette - yum!!

I have wanted to use milk paint for years but never had just the right client and/or opportunity. I sent Lawry (a most adventuresome client - yeah!!) some milk paint as an experiment. He mixed up a batch and applied it to a piece of drywall. It's great!!! I know we'll be using milk paint in some of the rooms. It arrives as a dry powder and you mix it yourself. Natural ingredients - perfect.

Milk paint sample in the butternut squash color. Doesn't it bring out the great tones in the fireplace stones??

Lawry had some of his left over fireplace rocks sitting outside being washed by the endless rain that we have been getting...and...look!! With the dust washed off the stone the color is excellent!! Looks like the fireplace is going to be receiving a delicate wash; tricky to do because if the stones are washed too much, the moss may come off.

Lawry standing in his future living room. You can just catch a glimpse of the door in the background leading outside to the sun porch and the cooking porch.

Butternut with clear top coat

We have decided on our wood species for the kitchen cabinet - butternut. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE butternut. I don't understand why everyone doesn't use/love this wood species. Lucky for us, it's not commonly used and it's available.

Butternut with a wire brush finish - more rustic.

We have met with our concrete countertop fabricator, Ideal Surface, and are awaiting our samples. Soon to be featured on the blog - stay tuned.

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