Saturday, February 20, 2010


I am a bargain shopper through and through.
Not that I don't have a knack for selecting the most expensive item out of an array of wall covering, fabric, tile, etc.
Quality shows and my eye is drawn to things of quality or things with a unique design - things of beauty. You know - those items that make your heart sing.
pictured right
Count on me to instinctively pick an item that makes you say "Oh..." when you see the price.
My Mother has a million wonderful sayings that play in my mind over and over (the oral teaching tradition at its finest.) This posting brings to mind:
"champagne taste on a beer bottle budget"
okay...growing up I heard this...oh...about a thousand times.
It is a logical progression that I would find the field of interior design and that I would fall in love with working around all the gorgeous things the world has to offer.
But, much of the time I/we are working on a budget and I am trying to stretch our decorating dollars. Shopping for bargains really helps stretch the budget.
Typically I do not find the "anchor" items for a space during a sale, but accessory items are my common treasures.
I thought I would share a few of today's finds with you. I have been perusing the Anthropologie site for a bargain or two.
Here are my lovelies for today:

Anthropologie - Platinum Ombre Martini Glass

Anthropologie - Sunken Flourish Lamp

Those are my favorite sale items for the for a few extras that I found along the way....

Anthropologie - Crystal Votive

Anthropologie - Pencil Skirt, Taper Holder

Anthropologie - Jungle Leaf Tablecloth

See all the Anthropolgie sale items here -

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