Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Year of the Tiger - 2010

Happy Year of the Tiger!!

It is time to usher in the Chinese New Year (actually I'm just a bit late.) 2010 is the third year in the twelve year cycle - the year of the metal Tiger.

In 2010, February 14th ushered in the beginning of the Year of the Tiger, and as is the custom, the Chinese New Year's celebrations will continue for the following 15 days until the next full moon on February 28, 2010.

This last day of the Chinese New Year season is marked by the traditional Lantern Festival. I JUST LOVE LANTERNS!!! In China , the Lantern Festival is considered a day for lovers. Two days in one month - how fun!

What image comes to mind when you imagine a tiger? Ferocious, lightning fast, intense, powerful - all words that are associated with the tiger - all words that have been used to describe this upcoming year.

I just keep thinking that I should fasten my seat belt - the ride might get bumpy.
The negative side to the year of the tiger - conflict and disaster. Nooooo.

On the bright side - it won't be boring. Changes are in store for everyone - lots of movement. Perhaps travel. I love to see new places so I'm looking forward to this side of the tiger - right now I'm imagining sun and a beach - who knows where the journey might take us???

The metal tiger is related to technology, so there may be great advances this year with inventions aplenty. (I'm holding off on that new phone - waiting for just the right one.)

The tiger is quick with great drama - be ready. Be ready to seize those opportunities, in whatever way they may present themselves. Poised and ready to strike - that's the tiger.

Photo by Wesley Hargrove

I enjoy discovering more about the connections between Chinese culture and its relationship to the practice of Feng Shui. I will keep you posted as I uncover new ways to incorporate Feng Shui into our modern lives.

For now...I am looking forward to my own Lantern Festival on February 28. I have a lantern collection but I am thinking that I really NEED to add a few new ones. Let's see what I can find. Send me pictures of your favorites - I would love to post them!
See my previous lantern post below - aren't they beautiful???

Happy Year of the Tiger!!!

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