Sunday, February 28, 2010

A New Dining Table - Vote at left for your favorite

Remember the short proverb "the shoemaker's children go barefoot?" The shoemaker is so busy with his craft that he does not have time to make shoes for his own children.

I can relate.

Of all the places in the world that one would think would be decorated impeccably, you would think that the home of an interior designer and an architect would be drop dead gorgeous.

Unfortunately, ours is not - and some days I feel it to my core.

As ridiculous and superficial as it is, I shy away from opening up our home and inviting folks over. It's so crazy and limiting. I love to cook and I love to entertain. I am never happier than when folks are gathered together sharing good food and drink.

Oh...but the' s not "ready" for entertaining....

It is a challenging dilemma...decorating my own home. First and foremost, I am oh so picky and I only want the "good" stuff. You know, the really expensive, good stuff. Not that I intend to be drawn only to expensive pieces - it just is a natural evolution tied to our industry.

I remember hearing once that you can get things accomplished by having one of two things; time or money. If you have time you can search for just the "right" thing or you will have the time to make just the "right" thing. If you have money, most of the time, you can throw gobs of cash at something and get it done quickly.

Here is where I seem to run into my decorating predicament - little time and little money. I'm in a bit of a fix and I am determined to solve this.

It's just good Feng Shui and it's just good for the soul. I need to feel good in my own surroundings so that my base is strong and from expands out.

So what needs to happen in my little corner of the world??

Hubby asks me, "what will it take?" He's a "bottom line" kind of guy.

I already knew in my mind, I was just waiting for him to be interested and ask.

The quick list goes like this:

Area Rug
New Mirror
Floors finished or Carpet on the stairs

and last but not least...just the right dining table...what I think is the core of entertaining in our intimate little Craftsman style house.

I thought I would share with you a few of the tables that I have ear marked as ones to inspire me ones that are up for consideration.

First, I have my wonderful Baker chairs that I bought last year. They are so comfortable and they have to remain in the Dining Room. They are a neutral color - so we work from there.

Please vote for your favorite in the box - top left.

I have visited Amy Howard in Memphis and just fell in love with her, her husband, and all the wonderful folks that work at her studio. The finishes are to die for. This table feels exquisite when you run your hand across the top. Fine craftsmanship!!

Michael Taylor Lyre Base Table

Italian Base - another view. I have been enamored with this table for several years now.

And now for some really fun, funky antique pieces from South of Market. South of Market has outstanding antique light fixtures too - the best!!

South of Market Dining Table - might be nice with my oatmeal colored upholstery on the dining chairs.

South of Market Dining Table - love the iron work and the rustic top

Another South of Market Table - great Asian feel to this table - yet modern

The snow has stopped here in Ohio and I am eager to get out and about. I would love to stop by a few antique shops on Larchmere and then visit the Cleveland Botanical Garden for their annual orchid show.

If it is time for the Orchid show - SPRING IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!!!

...I wonder if by Spring I will have found my new dining table, area rug, and will have successfully painting my Living Room/Dining Room. I'm thinking soft, soft, soft light blue - out with the red - in with the pale blue.

Would you like progress pictures????

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