Friday, February 26, 2010

Timberframe Journal - Update

It's time for a progress update to Lawry's timber frame journal.

Pictured left - one of Lawry's plates to be displayed in the new kitchen.
This fall and winter Lawry has made good progress.

Here is a list of the highlights for fall/winter:

Our custom butternut doors and trim have been installed and they look FABULOUS!! The batch of wood that Dan from Rino's Woodworking found is outstanding and the finished results take your breath away - so beautiful. (They may be my favorite thing so far!!)

I promise to post pictures from my site visit next week.

The reclaimed oak floors are in and have just received their final finish coat. Lawry says that they look outstanding. The floors are comprised of reclaimed red and white oak from Olde Wood. We used several board widths. Can't wait to see them!!

Our butternut kitchen cabinets are mostly installed - upper cabinets are just waiting for the all clear sign to be delivered.

Lawry purchased this wonderful reclaimed door (pictured right) from Michele at Antique Warehouse in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

After some tweaking to the Master Bedroom entry, the antique dutch doors are in and they look wonderful! What depth of character this old Mexican door adds to the Great Room.

Note the beautiful rustic hardware and the clavos. See how the frame is worn at the left side and the drywall has been scribed to fit the antique frame. The look is not for everyone - Lawry loves it - so do I!!

See the initials engraved into the door panel. If doors could talk....

I am intrigued by the joinery and am mulling over incorporating this detail into the Master Bath Cabinets.

After a few delays we now have our counter tops installed. We have quite a bit of counter top so we chose to brake up the long spans (15') by selecting a variety of colors and patterns. We have the standard counter space around the stove along with high counters and low counters that make up a series of islands.

To add to the complexity for our manufacturer,
Ideal Surfaces, some of the counters needed to be poured on site to conform to the shape of the post, while others were manufactured back at their shop.

Our poured on site counters have a completely different look to them. See photo below. Rick and Michael did a wonderful job creating one of a kind works of art for us.

See how perfectly the counter forms around the post.

Concrete brings to my mind cold hard surfaces. Not so, these surfaces are so smooth with great character. Don't you just want to run your hand over the surface and touch these?

One of our center island tops. Reminds me of a hide. Perfect for cowboy Lawry.

Portrait of Lawry - pictured right

This picture was taken while the tops were in progress. No white seam today, just a beautiful seamless looking stained concrete counter.

I think Rick likes these counter tops so much they may be making an appearance in his home in the near future.

On our next Timber frame Journal posting I will catch you up on what's been happening with the Master Closet, our tile selections, the door hardware from
Ashley Norton, and the window sills.

Oh the sills...I convinced my adventuresome client that he NEEDED to have rustic, rough, reclaimed beam sections for window sills.

I hear that my name has been colorfully tossed about over the last few days as Lawry works with the sills to tweak them a bit before they are installed. I thought my ears have been burning.

Until the next installment...stay safe and stay warm.

PS - please post a comment - Lawry and I would love to hear your thoughts!!!

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