Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fun Stuff for the Day

I, like other designers, am constantly on the look out for "things." I am constantly searching and scanning for what is beautiful, or unique, or what just speaks to me.

On one level I receive instant gratification from seeing something wonderful; my heart skips a quick beat and I smile - just to see something pretty. And on another level I am always working, always searching for new materials or ideas for my designs.

Funny how the creative mind works. Or maybe it's just my mind...I see a chair, or a table, or a piece of wall covering, and in a flash ... I can feel and see the imaginary room weave together.

Interior design is tactile too. When I shop, I am touching everything. I probably drive store owners absolutely crazy. I need to know how it feels. Smooth, rough, sharp, soft, fuzzy....

We designers are so fortunate! We have one of the BEST JOBS IN THE WORLD!!! We have the opportunity to work with all the FUN STUFF!!!

And in that vein, I thought I would share a few fun things that I saw this morning while perusing a catalog with my morning coffee. Hope you like my Tuesday morning pics. :)

Okay, I like this chair. Take off on my all time favorite - the classic Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Chair.

I need to feel the upholstery - love the coffee sacks as fabric - love the graphic (ex typographer that I am) but are they itchy?

(and the lamp - its gotta go!)

Love this stool! I know... I know... stools everywhere...overdone. I still like them - especially this one. Good size @ 16"d , flat top, indoor and outdoor, recycled aluminum, and a good price.

How fun is this?? In my fantasy world I could make all these individual flowers in my spare time. Continuing with my fantasy, I will sew them together this winter while the snow is flying outside and I am curled up in front of that new fireplace my hubby is going to install.

This bag is available in yellow and brown. I would opt for the brown - I like the contrast. Could be fun to change the scarf.

Hope you like my pics for the day.
I am off to design pillows. Seriously, I am!

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