Sunday, July 17, 2011

Paint that dark, heavy, old wood - it's okay!

So many times I have seen dark, outdated wood paneling, beamed ceilings or even floors that cry out for a simple coat of paint.  Think...crisp and fresh.

Be not afraid - paint is the easiest and most economical way to make miraculous changes in a room.  

See the photos below from Coastal Living - what a difference!  The window wall was opened up to take advantage of the great ocean views.  The fireplace was renovated to be bright and in balance with the space and then a wonderful nook was added to the left of the fireplace to take advantage of the view.  Fresh light floors and a cozy seating area finish off this ocean front space nicely. 

Now imagine that they had kept the heavy wood beamed ceiling?? 

Paint is the answer!!  Don't be afraid - paint that old, dark wood and let in the light!

Before Picture - too heavy, too dark, too bulky
After - Light, fresh and perfectly in balance

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