Monday, July 18, 2011

Timberframe Lighting

I saw these wonderful lights from Currey & Company while at Highpoint in the spring and knew exactly who should have them - Lawry - my wonderful Timberframe client.  I think these two fixtures would be perfect for the stair leading to the loft and the loft itself.

Lawry is winding down work on the interior of his Timberframe home.  He has offically moved in and we are working together on those last few items for the interior.

Loft and exterior lighting are a few of open items and I just love these fixtures for his home!  Lawry is concerned that they might be a tad too modern...hum?

I will spend a bit of time look for some alternate is difficult when you think that you have found just the right ones. 
Ernesto Single Light Pendant - Currey & Company
Ernesto 4 Light Pendant - Currey & Company

Stay tuned to see what other options I find and which fixtures Lawry will choose.

More to follow...later this week - laundry room cabinets, custom made mirrors and a custom made vanity sink base.

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