Friday, September 28, 2012

Dish Obsession - mix and match touch them every day, you use them all the time - why not have interesting, fun tableware????
Mix it up!!  Antique pieces, patterns, solids - have fun!
These fun pieces (below) would be super versatile.  Good for mixing and matching, great interesting shape.  I think I need these.  :)
Anthropologie has the best dishes!!!!
Curious Deciduous Dinnerware - Anthropologie
One thing that I do not have loads of, and that's on my wish list, is flatware.  I love these pieces from Anthropologie.  They would go well with loads of place settings.

Seaborne - Anthropologie

Crate and Barrel came out with a pre-mixed set of silverware about two years ago.  Love this set too but would probably enjoy doing it myself at flea market - if I only had the time!!

Maxfield - Pottery Barn

I think I should start making table linens and selling them...not crazy about what's out there "ready made."  I have a love-hate relationship with table cloths anyway. I've been using runners...they're nice...I feel like there should be the next great idea out there...let me ponder the possibilities a bit more.

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