Thursday, February 14, 2013

Best Chair for a Tete-A-Tete

Growing up my parents had an unspoken rule.  The minute my father walked through the door we children knew that we were to "disappear" to allow our parents time to chat and catch up on the day. 

Heart Shaped Mua Swing
I don't ever remember being told to stay away for awhile - it was just understood.  Most times I would linger just out of ear shot waiting for the signal that it was alright to join them.

In the spring and summer Mom would wait on the porch swing for Dad to arrive.  In the fall and winter she would be waiting for him in the living room with a cozy fire burning, ready to share our successes and on some days - our antics.   

It was such a wise thing that they did; reconnecting each evening, sharing their stories and being a couple.  We learned from this to make time for our partner and to focus on spending some special time together each day.  What a great example they were!

Today is Valentine's Day and my thoughts turn to romance and sharing my parents did each day...and because I have a fascination with chair designs...I would like to share some fun pieces to consider for that special tete-a-tete.

Love this piece just for Valentine's Day - Christopher Guy

Japanese Dragon Tete-A-Tete Chair at auction

Flamenco Tete-A-Tete Chair

Anthropologie Axel Three Seater

What a great day dream -  to be sitting here with my sweetie this Valentine's Day

North Bali - Villa Akasa Segara

Union Tete-A-Tete

Love, love, love this classic - Warren McArthur's "Tete-a-Tete," 1932

Wrought Iron Tete-A-Tete at auction

A classic Windsor - this would be the prefect style for my Mom and Dad

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!   


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