Monday, May 20, 2013

Beginning My Love Affair...with linen

I have a new obsession - it's with linen fabric.  I love it.  I am totally smitten. Why??  Because it is FABULOUS!!!  The look, the "hand," the durability, the softness, the breath-ability and the renew-ability all contribute to making linen a wonder fabric.

Why haven't I noticed how amazing linen is before now?  I have linen drapes in my office.  I have a few antique linen table cloths that I use from time to time.  I have one or two linen shirts. So why the sudden obsession?  I haven't seen the "good stuff," the really, really "good stuff," until now - Belgian Linen.  I didn't know what I was missing.

Why is linen a wonder fabric??  Let's review a few of linen's inherent qualities.

Linen is a long staple fiber from the flax plant which yields a strong, durable fabric. Remnants have been found in tact that date back to Egyptian times and beyond.

Photos from Libeco-Lagae
Linen is smooth, lint free and does not pill. It is stronger when wet and the more you wash it, the better it feels.

Linen can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture before it begins to feel wet and quickly releases moisture, drying rapidly so that it works to keep you feeling cool.

Linen is a rapidly renewable plant with short growing cycle - just 100 days between sowing the seeds and harvesting the plant - root and all.  

And then there is the simple beauty of the linen fabric. Gorgeous as a set of drapes, beautiful on a piece of furniture, comfortable as a set of sheets or duvet, super durable as a tote bag - the uses are endless - the finished products are just lovely.

Libeco-Lagae fabrics

It's now my "go to" for everything!  I believe in Belgian Linen so much, and specifically the Libeco-Lagae product that I am now offering their wonderful products and their yummy fabrics to clients, family and designer friends.  

Please contact me or visit my on line store if you would like more information and I would be happy to share my new found passion for this wonder fabric that is Belgian Linen and the Libeco-Lagae product.

Peace and Beauty.

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