Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Journal Posting - Timberframe Flooring

It is time to select the flooring material for Lawry’s timberframe home and the first choice on our list for the bulk of the floor area is reclaimed wood. It is perfect for the rustic feel that we are going for and its being reclaimed adds an extra bonus in knowing that we are being good stewards of our natural resources.

I have often wondered exactly how they recovered the wood from these old structures. I discovered an interesting video from Olde Wood Limited on the reclamation process. A little PR for Olde Wood in the video, but still good information.

Click here to see their video on the "Step by Step" process of reclaiming wood for floors.

When we first started to consider wood, I began a search for reclaimers here in Ohio and found Olde Wood in Malvern, Ohio. Perfect! They have a good supply of wormy chestnut and oak in various board widths for us to consider.

I am also a big fan of Carlise Wide Plank Floors. I have used their products many times and love their wide range of offerings; many different wood species are available in a wide range of board widths. They have beautiful wood floors with several antique (reclaimed) options. Carlise could also be a terrific source for our floor. Wide plank flooring – love it!

We have narrowed our selection down to wormy chestnut and oak. The wormy chestnut is a rarer find due to the blight on the chestnut tree and it’s resulting status of near extinction. Old chestnut is still available, however it is priced accordingly. The oak samples that we received are very nice (not that I typically like oak) and at this point it appears that we are leaning toward a mix of 4” and 6” boards in white and red oak. It’s a great price point and available here locally from Olde Wood.

Do you have a favorite?

Olde Wood Antique White and Red Oak

Olde Wood Antique Chestnut

Olde Wood Antique White Oak

Olde Wood Antique Cherry

Carlisle Milled Barn Siding

Carlisle Milled Barn Siding

Carlisle Antique Elm

Carlisle Antique Chestnut

Carlisle Antique Oak

Carlisle Antique Oak

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  1. Hey, Sandy--

    We're honored to be among your considerations. We'd vote for the Carlisle ones, but we're from Carlisle--so maybe that's not fair? :-)

    Seriously, if your readers would like to see more, send them to: http://www.hardwoodsurface.com/


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