Friday, April 3, 2009

A rare chance to purchase a Frank LLoyd Wright home

Have you ever thought that it would be "oh so cool" to own a Frank Lloyd Wright house? Now is your chance; there is one available! And it is a refined and wonderful expression of the Wright style that is a perfect marriage between his art and the surrounding landscape.

The beautiful Fawcett house was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for Randall & Harriet Fawcett, in
Los Banos, California, and it is now on the market. Commissioned in 1954 by the Fawcett's, this California home was one of Wright's final projects. The architectural masterpiece was completed in 1961, two years after Wright's death at the age of ninety one, and has remained in the Fawcett family since it was first built. Randall Fawcett passed away in 2006 and the home is currently in the care of Mr. Fawcett's two daughters.

The Fawcett home is perfectly situated on the site to shield against the north west winds and the hot summer sun, all the while taking advantage of the spectacular views of the central California Coastal Mountain Range. The home is sited in the middle of hundreds of acres of agricultural land in the central valley of California. It was designed around a central core with two wings radiating out at 120 degree angles.

Some of the notable features of the home include the colored concrete floors, scribed with grid lines, that intersect at 60 degree angles, an extraordinary fireplace that is 12' wide by 6' tall to accommodate the owners 5' long x 3' diameter firewood (burned for days), cinder block walls with raked horizontal joints and flush grouted vertical joints (emphasizing the horizontal line), mahogany interior walls, cabinets, shelves, doors, windows and posts, open floor plan, wonderful central kitchen...the details go on and on. I am SURE it is a MUST SEE.

The vitals
List price: $2.7 million
Details: 6 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, about 3,700 square feet on roughly 80 acres.
Listing agent: Crosby Doe Associates, (310) 275-2222;
Address: 21200 S. Center Ave., Los Banos

1961 - photo by Joe Monroe

View of home today

Wonderful pool

Love this outdoor firepit!!

Front Entry - note the scribed floor pattern and pivoting door

Living Room with view to shielded Courtyard

Living Room with view of massive fireplace

Centrally located kitchen

Bedroom with mahogany paneling and built-ins

Great historical information on the Fawcett home by Henry Whiting II in his piece "The Fawcett House: A Memoir"

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